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Asset Protection

Smart strategies for asset protection all start with planning. And while some think asset protection is only for the very wealthy, it’s for anyone who cares to eliminate unnecessary risk from their business ventures, while seeking to maximize a return. For more than a quarter-century, Campbell & Levine has provided proven asset protection strategies and techniques to clients.

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Commercial Transactions

At Campbell & Levine, we look at each transaction with an eye toward protecting our client’s interests both now and well into the future. We understand and explain the present and future practical considerations for both sides of an agreement, and collaborate with our clients in getting deals done right.

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Insolvency / Bankruptcy

There’s a lot more to insolvency than just filing a bankruptcy petition. It is a complex – and often counterintuitive – area of the law, involving multiple parties with competing interests, requiring good judgment and an understanding of in and out of court workouts, receiverships, forbearance agreements, fraudulent transfers, security interests, judgments, mortgages, Chapter 11 reorganization, the discharge of indebtedness, and more. Campbell & Levine can provide what is required, and has, for more than 30 years.

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Campbell & Levine litigates matters involving contract disputes, the rights of minority shareholders, and financial obligations – including fraudulent transfer and preference claims. From time to time, it co-counsels with larger firms to provide insolvency-related expertise to the engagement.

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Local Counsel

Campbell & Levine routinely serves as local counsel. It has a history of working with out-of-state firms to better represent their clients in Delaware and Western Pennsylvania. With detailed knowledge of the local legal landscape, and due respect for lead counsel’s relationship with the client, Campbell & Levine’s local counsel arrangements have proven to be good for all involved.

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Settlement Trusts

Campbell & Levine serves as general counsel to a number of so-called “524(g) asbestos settlement trusts” established in the context of court-approved bankruptcy plans of reorganization for major U.S. corporations. These trusts are established for the purpose of assuming liability for and paying the holders of both present and former claims arising out of bodily injury or death caused by exposure to asbestos. These trusts have been funded with billions of dollars, and the firm provides legal advice to the Trustees that manage the trust, who are charged with the responsibility for managing the investment of the funds, the processing of claims, and the distribution of trust assets to the beneficiaries, all in accordance with the various and particular documents that govern the trust.